Thursday, May 27, 2010

First day with Mum, 3 boys and no help...

We've been to swimming lessons; Fergus slept through it. Picked up a few groceries (big thanks to Brennan for leaving us the car today), then home for a rest over lunchtime. Scrapbook Memories mag arrived today, and even had a chance to flick through half of it while we ate lunch and watched some kids tv!

Thankfully the rain has finished. i'm currently sorting out washing - bringing in the wet stuff from the line, spinning it and sticking it back out, washing dirty stuff, bringing in dry stuff. the pile of folding is steadily increasing.

Vincent and Keegan are outside digging in the mud and re-discovering all their outdoor toys (haven't been out for a few days!); so they are busy which is making my day a whole lot easier. fergus is sleeping - small babies are pretty easy once you've learnt how to 'do' them!! i think my life will descend into chaos once he starts moving (or is there already and i'm too busy to see it!).

Photo is Fergus on Sunday (one day old)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome Fergus

We are pleased to announce the safe and successful arrival of Fergus Lorcan Daly. He was born at RPA on Saturday 22 May at 7pm. His brothers are happy with the new arrival; Vincent says "He's cool!"

Now at home, he is eating and sleeping well and is a nice healthy baby boy. Everything you hope for really.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby update

Only a week to go, and we are pretty much ready for the arrival of #3. Ok, we're still discussing names and haven't made much progress there, but otherwise, we have a cot, a car seat and some new cloth nappies. The old ones are pretty much rags! So it's a matter of waiting now.... Here are some pics of the boys helping to wash the cot we have borrowed from Nathan and Jaye.

A few layouts

From the LSBS May Birthday Crazy Crop:

It seems I've got the weird sideways problem again. Oh well...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Divas Crazy Crop

I've been asked to put together a challenge for the May Crazy Crop at Scrapbook Divas:

Here is a sneak peak....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Vincent rides his bike (no training wheels!)

It started with an innocent discussion “You are a big boy now, Vincent, let’s take the training wheels off your bike”.One morning of biking at Olympic Park and a short lived failed attempt, Vincent decided “When I’m five”.

But in late April, Vincent saw a friend of his at the park without training wheels and made the big decision by himself.“I want my training wheels off”.So on 2 May 2010, we removed the training wheels from his bike and went to Olympic Park for an attempt.It was hard work at the start – Brennan had to work out how to teach someone (see previous earlier attempt); and Vincent had to trust that Brennan knew what he was talking about. A short word from Renee "Brennan, he thinks just like you, so think about how you would teach yourself" ironed out any kinks.

And after an hour or so, Vincent was speeding along with only a guiding hand at his back. Not long after and Vincent had the hang of it – speeding along by himself with Brennan running alongside.

Persistence pays off.