Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The working mum

I've been reading a few mum (and dad) blogs lately and it seems to me that there is a niche for a blog for the 'working mum with lots of kids'. The quote comes from Victoria Beckham (here) so she may have already done it. Although she is probably busy with her other business.

On that thought - perhaps that is why the niche exists. Mums with lots of kids who also work don't have time to blog about it. So where does that put me? Should I do it? Or would it be cheating since I don't work in a real office?

I work in my own home, running my own business. It's still work, it still provides an income, but it allows me to have the toddler and baby at home with me. I pick my own hours (except for client imposed deadlines) and have great flexibility. It does mean that on days when I have no deadlines, and I'm tired, that I can rest and catch up on laundry and other household chores.

Take today for instance. I've got two 'work' things to do (come up with story ideas for my next article at Breeding & Racing, and start putting the statistics from my articles into the book I'm writing). Neither of these MUST be done today. So instead, I've read some of my book, I've spent some time lying on the floor with Monique just staring, smiling and wasting time (oh and stopping Fergus from sitting on her), I've done 7 loads of washing and am contemplating organising some documents for our house sale. For a mum with lots of kids, today is called 'rest'.

It seems I'm also contemplating starting a 'mummy' blog. Or perhaps that should be 'mama' since that's what the kids call me :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A few March challenges

Stuck Sketches

Scrap the Girls

Scrap the boys (ok, I have no idea why this one is sideways, but whatever - I seem to have problems with blogging, or perhaps blogging has problems with me!)