Friday, February 24, 2012

How to fold a cloth nappy


Fold nappy in half to
make a triangle.

Fold the long edge across to make it thicker.

This is the weird part. Flick the long edge (where it is thick) under itself to make it doubly thick.

Unfold the top half of the triangle (you'll end up with a diamond that has a thick section down the middle).

Fold it across the other way (this gives you a nappy shape with a thick pad down the middle).

Nappy is usable now - put baby on it lined up with the thick pad under its bum. Pull the pad up between it's legs and fold the side (triangle) panel across. Secure with a pin or one of those clip things. For smaller babies, the side panels need a little roll/fold to make them smaller and tighter around the legs. Takes a bit of practice, but you'll get it nice and snug soon enough.

To store folded nappies, do a few more folds:

Fold up the middle thick part

Fold one of the side panels across.

Fold the other side panel across and the little flap leftover back again giving you a nice neat package for storage.

The finished pile, ready for use. They hold this shape really well for transportation too.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feminism and androgen-ism...

This article made me think about feminism. Is the aim of feminism really to make humans into androgynous creatures that are focused on the financial goals of capitalism only?

Sure, the world doesn't really need more people - there are over 7 billion of us already - and yet someone has to breed the next generation since people as individuals don't last forever. Some people try though. So many ideas all rolled into one terrible sentence!

Surely feminism should be about embracing our differences as well as ensuring that our individual strengths are best utilised too? Men are different to women - just ask anyone who has grown both boy and girl children. (this isn't me yet, as my girl baby is too young to show any gender preference, so far she's just doing baby stuff).

And shouldn't those differences be celebrated? As a women, there is something empowering about creating life and sustaining life (through breastfeeding and ongoing care). Sure, it detracts from a career in the short term, but life is a complex thing and career is not everything. And on that note, I'm a big fan of capitalism - it's the only system that has been tried so far that allows anyone to be born anywhere in the social and economic structure to succeed.

Of course, I have a career, and I get to use my brain to earn money most days as a self-employed person. Perhaps I have the benefit of 'having it all' but in small doses...

I think everyone has something to offer the world, and it would be sad to see everyone try and be all the same.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First adventures in PINK!

Our little girl, Monique, is nearly a month old already. I really want to say 'a month new', cos she's still so small, new and the use of 'old' just feels wrong somehow!

I've been doing a few pink layouts, and it is a whole new world - especially after spending 6 years scrapping only boy stuff. But the principles are the same, just a whole new set of colours. Mostly I've been going down the pink and green road so far, mo

stly because green seems familiar to me. I'm not really a fan of the whole pink vs blue ideology anyway, but some of the girly papers are pretty cute!
Here are a few: