Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An update

Ok, so I've been crazy busy lately and have completely ignored by blog. But I have a guilty reason to update: a competition to win a few trips to Brisbane to wax lyrical about the place and encourage people to visit. Tourism Queensland have such great competitions!

The idea is to write 250 words about a place that I have discovered in my current locality. And our family should be the ideal people to do this. We are, as friends once said, always having little adventures. I don't think it will be the drive to find the waterfall that the town of Waterfall was named after - that was somewhat underwhelming, plus it rained like crazy and we ended up totally soaked! Perhaps our favourite haunt for a rainy day, the Powerhouse Museum. Full of cool engineering things and a couple of fantastic playgrounds. Then there is that other cool engineering location, Cockatoo Island. We love to explore all the old machinery, run through the tunnels, and climb up to the top and look out over the gorgeous harbour. But I think I'll run with the Sydney Ferries - it's the cheapest way to get a harbour cruise and see all the sights of the most famous beautiful harbour in the world!