Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids - update

Vincent has settled into school really well. He has lots of new friends, although he had a fight with Reda last week, and they broke up. But are apparently pals again! Oh the trials of being a kid. His friends all have crazy names; Axel, Reda and Ozen, are the ones we hear about most. We haven’t heard about what he’s done in the classroom, if you take his word for it, all he does is eat lunch and play! But he comes home with little booklets of letters each day with his writing, plus they have to cut them out themselves and staple into a booklet. And lots of drawings. His teacher is Miss Stansbury; whose Dad grew up in Opotiki of all places! She grew up in Maitland (Hunter Valley), but spent some of the summer just gone in Opotiki visiting relatives. She says Vincent has settled in well, and has been doing lots of things.

Keegan has struggled to get used to his lack of big brother. He got punched a few times at daycare by other kids (too much teasing by him and not enough big brother to protect him!), but seems to have figured out when to stop teasing or run away! He’s pretty tired after daycare now, but perhaps that is more to do with the pre-school program than the lack of big brother?

Fergus is growing madly, and is a naughty baby. He’s reaching that age where naughtiness stops being cute and is just naughty. He seems to think that crawling isn’t good enough for him, and is obsessed with getting up on his feet. He even stands holding on with only one hand! He yells a lot too, and I’m pretty sure he thinks his name is “hey baby” as that is all that Keegan calls him!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LSBS 4-7-11 (2011 Annual Theme Competition)

I managed to get most of last year's Seasoned Scrapper finished, apart from winter - but I hate the cold, so that's probably appropriate.

This year, LSBS are doing "4-7-11". 4 sets of 7 challenges in 2011.

Each session will run for 7 weeks, the first one starting on Sunday the 6th of February.

So, now you know that there are 7 design team members, and each session will run for 7 weeks... but there's one more thing!

Each session has it's own '7' theme...

Session 1: 7 Wonders
Session 2: 7 Deadly Sins
Session 3: 7 Seas
Session 4: 7 Colours of the Rainbow

You can join up here.

Scrapping Shoebox

My first post on their blog is all about me. Why is it that writing about yourself is so tricky?

I put a couple of layouts in it. Here they are again.