Monday, July 9, 2012

I love my washing machine

This book of Rob's is taking over my life. There are no spare moments in my 'working' days to do fun things, but that's probably a good thing (unless you are this blog and are being ignored). Or a hobby. Or housework (no tears here though!).

Last night, the toddler spewed three times. And I realised that I LOVE my washing machine. Just fire all the sheets in there, hit a couple of buttons and hey presto - no more spew. Fall back into bed, repeat process later...

Imagine 200 years ago (or even 50 years ago), before the invention of awesome washing machines, waking up after all that broken sleep to a huge pile of spew covered sheets. Yuk. I hate cleaning up spew at the best of times, but there is a joy in knowing that a machine has it all sorted!

Somewhere in amoungst this book, other work, the usual kid stuff, and no sleep, I've started organising a big family Christmas party. Well, I'm kind of just project managing it. I've created a list of things that need to happen to make a party happen and I'm going to get everyone else to do them. I've started by making these cute little party bags that will contain 'instructions' and a few things to get people into the Christmas spirit.