Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scrapping Shoebox

Wow, I read the email twice. Had to make sure it wasn't spam. But it's true - my first design team!! And it's all fancy, I'm really a "contributing artist". I'm so excited!

Here it is: Scrapping Shoebox

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Six and a half years - wedding memories

We got married in the middle of winter and lucked onto a dry-ish day. We had some scattered drizzle during our photos, but you can't really tell. It was freezing cold tho, and I had velvet full length jacket to match my dress. I don't think I took it off all day, even inside :)

With my huge family, we booked out a whole country hotel (made everyone pay for their own rooms), but we had the whole place to ourselves. Stayed up all night drinking and had a wonderful time. Then everyone was still there for a late breakfast the next day, and we didn't have to worry about upsetting anyone else!

It ended up being quite cheap on a relative scale. The amount we'd set aside for alcohol ran out just after dinner (omg, everyone drank twice as much as we'd expected, and we'd expected a lot!). But we told everyone that it was going on their room tabs after that, and no-one had a problem.

We also made a spy game for all the young cousins. Gave each a disposable camera and a list of guests. They had to spy on their guests and get a photo of them - the end result being that we had at least one photo of everyone who came.

We also made a game for everyone while we were getting our photos done. We matched everyone into pairs and made little cards that matched together when you found your pair. Then included a description of the person and a conversation suggestion. Eg, you are looking for someone tall who might like to talk about rocks. It worked brilliantly, except we spent our photo session looking whistfully through the window at all the hilarity! It also meant that people from my family were forced to find and talk to people from B's family.

And we intended to have a winter holiday every year to celebrate - someplace WARM! We've managed it twice (our honeymoon and the year before last!). Ahh well...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Some recent Layouts

For the creative team comp at Red Earth Scrapping
and the lower four are for the Jan CC at LSBS.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Same Photo; Two ways

Ok, so I'm not sure about the whole ceremony of graduating from pre-school. But the photo is so gorgeous that I've done a layout for his album, plus a canvas.