Friday, October 8, 2010

Gran is ok...

To add to the madness of the week, I got a text yesterday from one of my sisters "gran is in hospital, but she's ok, you'd better ring mum" I rang mum and listened to 20 minutes of how it was so inconvienent, etc. Finally i said "so mum, what is actually wrong with gran?" and got a story about how no one listens to her and gran hasn't been taking her medicine and she has some long term heart failure etc. (big breath) "so, mum, she's basically ok and is just being monitored?" and that did seem to be the answer!

today, i hear via skype that actually Gran cut her leg last week and has blood poisoning and this has led to heart failure. they caught it in time and she is in hospital on antibiotics and should be fine in a few days.

so a totally different story.

at least the first part about gran being ok (now that she is in hospital, being monitored and on antibiotics) is right! we are going over there in a couple of weeks, so will catch up with her then, but it sounds like she'll last another ten years easily. she was probably chopping firewood and cut her leg that way and doesn't want to admit it to the family!

and then, gran's sister visited her in hospital and said "what are you doing here doreen, there is nothing wrong with you. all you need is a good night's sleep"

yeah, a good night's sleep with cure blood poisoning! good one :D (shakes head). i guess crazy runs in the family!!